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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Secret (Law of Attraction) and Autism Spectrum Disorders

I did say we would be covering treatments of all stripes.

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Learn how to use the Law of Attraction to overcome you personal challenges. It worked for me when I applied this Universal Law during my despair, after my child was diagnosed with Autism.

How I Used The Law of Attraction To End My Despair After My Child Was Diagnosed With Autism
Hi, my name is Jennifer Graham and for the first time in a long time, I can honestly say that I am embracing all aspects of my life! It wasnt always that way though. I went through a long, painful and lonely journey to get to where I am today. I am sharing my story because I hope that it will inspire you to not only over come your greatest challenges but to also see the gifts they bring. Learning to do this is the best thing that I ever did for myself and my family.

This portion of my spiritual awakening began to unfold shortly after my husband and I became parents. We were so proud to have this beautiful baby who was so full of life. By age of two, our baby could recite the presidents and point to and name the states on a map.

Then suddenly one day at the age of three, our beloved child could no longer utter the words Mommy or Daddy and started slurring other words. On top of that, we started getting calls from the pre-school telling us that our child was having behavioral problems. During that period, I was also noticing that our child was doing things that I didnt understand. Our pediatrician was sympathetic but told us that the school district does that type of testing. When we went to the school district we were told to go back to the pediatrician.

I was devastated and in so much pain not knowing what was wrong with my child or where to go for help. I didnt know of any other parents who were facing what I was going through. I felt so alone. The best way I can describe it is like having a major crisis but with no 911. Meanwhile, my childs behavior became more unpredictable in school.

We later went to a psychologist who told us that our child had ADHD. I resisted using medication for a long time, but I eventually gave in because the behavioral problems were only getting worse and I felt it became a safety issue. The medication wasnt effective so we tried another one then another and still no results. By this time, several teachers were telling me that my childs behavior was so bizarre that they thought my child had a much more serious problem than ADHD.

Further complicating matters, my job as a television news reporter was now more demanding than ever. I was now working about sixteen hours a day. All of this caused me a tremendous amount of stress. I wanted to quit my job but decided to stay because I was worried about money since my husband and I were accustomed to having two incomes.

I felt so trapped by my job situation. What bothered me most was that I had an overwhelming feeling that my life was completely in the hands of others. Someone else decided when I worked, how long I worked or if I could take a much needed day off. I finally reached a breaking point and had to let the job go.
The Turning Point

Fortunately, at this time, my childs behavior stabilized enough to ease everyones concerns. But now I was facing a crossroad with my career. I knew I wanted to continue working in television but I also knew that I didnt want to work for someone else again. I wasnt quite sure how to reconcile the two.

ThenI gradually began to realize that I am in control of what happens in my life.This brought me to the painful realization that I didnt value myself and was surrounding myself (unconsciously) at work with people who supported my beliefs (inner fears of unworthiness)about myself.
How I started Using The Law of Attraction In My Life

I began to take a close look at how I created (attracted) this situation although I was compeletly unaware that I was doing this at the time. I immediately started paying close attention to my thoughts and core beliefs.I also closely observed what (and who) I was attracting into my life. I was truly beginning to appreciate and understand the power of The Law of Attraction.

I began reading every book I could find on the subject. This led me to the movie The Secret and the book The Science of Getting Rich and The SGR Program.

These are the resources that taught me how really focus on and attract what I desire into my life. I learned how to get in touch with my higher self and was told that a great opportunity was coming my way. A few days later, a colleague invited me to join him in running a video production company.

Now I have even more opportunities than ever! I use the Law of Attraction to help bring in clients. My greatest success though with this program is in helping my child.

Shortly after I joined the production company, I started getting calls from the school again. I was being told that my child was behaving strangely, not interacting well with other students and maybe didnt belong in mainstream schooling. So again I began my search for someone who could help me help my child.
Learning Painful News About My Child

Finally, after years of going from doctor to doctor, I was told that my child has Aspergers Syndrome which is a form of autism. As devastating that news was, a part of me was relieved because I thought that maybe now I could get my child the proper treatment. Sadly, that wasnt the case and still no one could tell me how to deal with the behavioral issues.

Every time I picked up the phone to receive a call from the school, it was like playing Russian roulette. Sometimes they were calling with good news about the accomplishments of my other child. Other times they were calling with terrible news about my child with Aspbergers.

I started getting very depressed and knew I needed to do something because again, I was allowing something outside of myself to control my life. I figured if the Law of Attraction could work in business it can help my personal life too. By studying the SGR program I learned about other universal laws such as The Law of Polarity which basically says that if a situation can be viewed as very bad, then there has to be something very good about it. This actually allowed me to see love and beauty in my journey.

I noticed that although the principal and teachers had been telling me all these things over the years that were very hard to hear, I could tell from the looks on their faces and the tones of their voices that they genuinely care about my child and I openly expressed my gratitude to them. I took time to really sit with and contemplate all the positive energy I was receiving. In other words, I changed the way I SAW my circumstances and then my circumstances started changing.

Almost immediately, other caring people at the school whom I had never crossed paths with before came into my life and told me about programs especially for children like my child. I immediately started getting my child the necessary help and within months, my child was making major progress. Although the teachers were noticing that my child was behaving much better, the other students were still keeping their distance. During lunch, the classmates would talk among themselves but not include my child. Thats when I decided to teach my child how to use the law of attraction.
My Childs Amazing Results After Using The Law of Attraction For The Very First Time

That night, right before bed time, I had my child visualize what it would look like and feel like to be surrounded by other children with everyone laughing and talking and having a good time. I talked my child through the entire visualization and I could see my childs enthusiasm. Now, mind you I did this WITHOUT telling my child about The Law of Attraction or why we were doing the visualization because I figured wed have to do this for many nights before we saw any results and I didnt want my child to be disappointed. After all, the students had kept their distance from my child for quite some time because they just didnt understand the behavior.I figured it might take quite some time to reverse this situation.

Well, the next day when my child got home from school, I casually asked how lunch went. To my surprise, my childs eyes lit up as my child said It was Great! My best friend saved a seat for me at the lunch table and I got to sit with all my other friends! I asked what friends and my child said that since the class behaved so well that day, the teacher said that they could eat lunch with ANY class in their grade. So the kids that invited my child to sit with them were friends and classmates from previous years and were either unaware of or didnt remember my childs behavioral issues. So to them, my child was still cool!

We tried the visualization exercise other nights with similar results the next day! Only in these instanceschildren who had previously ignored my child were now reaching out to my child!
My Life Today

My child just completed summer school and the teachers are telling me that there have NOT been any behavioral problems during this session. My child is even making new friends and is extremely helpful around the classroom.


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